The Detroit Cobras

Saw the Detroit Cobras at Emo's last night. Wasn't quite the same as last time they played Emo's, in July of 2002. They were still really good, but they couldn't get the crowd into it this time. I blame the record-collector geeks who were here for the record convention, who stood scattered around in the front like unmovable stones. Ok, it's just my theory that they were record-collector geeks, but they looked the part. The Detroit Cobras' music is meant to make you shake your ass, not stand there like everyone will look at you funny if you move. Perhaps it was the alcohol last time. In 2002, the entire front was filled with the Austin garage and punk scene, everyone knew each other on some level and everyone was drunk. It was a blast. Much dancing and rejoicing. This time the band didn't get a vibe off of the crowd and the crowd didn't get a vibe off of the band. It was still great, just not the rollicking, crazy time it was the last time.

Tonight, members of the Sword and Funeralizer (pics of the bands on both of those profiles by me, by the way...hehe) will be playing Black Sabbath's Master of Reality from start to finish. Being a fan of the first five or so Black Sabbath records, I can't wait. The same people (with one change) played Led Zeppelin II all the way through a few months ago and it was fantastic.

Car talk

Ok, just a little car talk. Yesterday I took my car to get inspected, oh, about five months late. Everybody was warning me about the new emission testing and I was worried my car wouldn't pass. No problems, it passed just fine. Turns out that it more than doubles the price of a car inspection, though. Still $12.50 for the regular inspection. Add $16 for the emission test.

Spent the evening last night hanging pictures in the living room and dining room, which I hadn't done since we painted everything. Then realized I hadn't yet gone through records for tonight at Emo's, so I did just that. I pulled out a lot of weird(er) stuff this time. Less punk and more electronic and pop. Still a bit of post-punk, though. I guess we go on at midnight in the small room and it's free, so come out!